1. A Generous Gift

    Dr. Quaidoo, I just wanted to thank you for your generosity and warm heart. It has been several months since I sat in your chair holding back tears over all that was going on in my life. That morning, I was reaching and you not only asked and asked again, but as you gave me a generous gift, you also reminded me that God keeps us. It was the sweetest and most needful of messages. Thank you again fo…Read More

    Alice C.
  2. Working Hard to Make Good Things Happen

    Dear Esi, Some people worry about getting the best life has to give, but a few people, special people like you, think its more important to give life your best. Some people wait around hoping good things will come to them. You're working hard to make good things happen. You're dreaming new dreams, learning new things, and accepting new challenges. You're someone I admire and someone I'm very proud…Read More

    Gloria M.
  3. Eternally Grateful

    Dr. Quaidoo, You'll never know just how grateful I am for you and what you did for me. I can only hope you can know that I'm eternally grateful. It would have been unbearable for me to lose my teeth - and you 'saved me'. You are truly one of the most beautiful souls and spirits on earth - RARE. God bless - and bless your family. and all your comings and goings. Love always, Most sincerely -…Read More

    Troy G.
  4. Made Me Feel Special

    This morning my co-worker Shawnay came to me and said: "I went to your dentist Stacy. I'm so glad you told me about her. her office has that home feeling. She is wonderful! I haven't had that 'home doctor' feeling since I was a kid" "She made me feel special and not just another number in the chair". I wanted to share her words with you and your staff. You have made quite the impression here at th…Read More

    Stacy W.