We’re proud to offer two teeth whitening solutions to make your smile shine – Exquisite Smile and Zoom! Both are cutting-edge teeth whitening systems that are effective, safe, and quick. If your teeth have lost their shine due to age, coffee, medication, or something else, Smile Matters Inc. is here to renew their beautiful white color. Instead of spending a lot of money on pastes and gels, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the latest dental technology advancements in a compassionate, welcoming setting.

Exquisite Smile and Zoom!® whiten the teeth by using hydrogen peroxide and a special mercury halide light to eliminate staining and yellowing without damaging the internal structure of the teeth. Thanks to a special infrared filter on the light, the teeth don’t get as warm on the surface during treatment. Additionally, the light is specially designed to treat all the teeth at once for maximum convenience. Once treatment is finished, consistent flossing, brushing, and mindful avoidance of the factors that caused the staining in the first place will keep your teeth looking great. If you need touchups, both Exquisite Smile and the Zoom!® Weekender treatment is quick and easy.

Great tooth whitening only happens when an experienced dentist provides the treatment. At Smile Matters Inc., we bring 30 years of experience to your situation, carefully assessing your teeth and making recommendations for you to consider. Ultimately, we want to provide the perfect treatment for you. Contact us to learn more!